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Tips Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant


We hear about them all the time – good and bad things alike. Authors like Tim Ferris and Chris Ducker have both written great things about working with outsourced Virtual Assistants especially on getting administrative work done for the business. Others have tried, tested and perhaps didn’t like the experience of hiring someone from another country. Just like any human endeavor, hiring a virtual assistant may not be a walk in the park.

Success with a virtual assistant doesn’t come naturally. Like any skill, it must be learned, developed and mastered. Over the years, we here at Leverage Lite have recruited several Virtual Assistants and not all of them worked just as we hoped and planned until we found our current roster of superstar VAs.

Finding them is not hard too as other people have claimed. You just need to make sure you are prepared for it – and get the right people to help you find them.

Tip #1. Don’t hire until you are ready.

Before hiring your first VA, be sure to have a clear idea of what tasks they might be able to take over from you. Get a list of your tasks and identify which tasks you can outsource and which ones you should do on your own. You’ll be surprised to know you can do much more with your business by having that extra hand helping out on the other details of the business. This is exactly the leverage you need and the perfect opportunity to grow your business for a very cost-effective investment.

Tip #2. Get your systems up and documented.

It is important to have your business systems and processes documented before you let someone else take the wheel. This is a common mistake among business owners trying to get VAs. Prepare a training manual of the systems you use. Other people use video guides for better training. Continuously improve this training manual and let your VA add to it. Not only will this will ensure that future hires will get better training, it could also mean you will have an overall better business process dialed down, which could lead to better yields for your company.

Tip #3. Hire like your company depends on it.

There is no perfect virtual assistant.It’s like saying there’s a perfect employee. And this is not because these virtual assistants come from (usually) third world countries, though. It’s simply because they are human.

If you’ve ever had to hire employees before, you’ve probably discovered that less than 10 percent of applicants are worth hiring. Most are simply not going to cut it. So why do we expect virtual assistants to be any better?

A virtual assistant can change your life, giving you back your day so you can work on the tasks that will take your business to incredible new places. However, if you think you can simply hire any ol’ virtual assistant and improve your business, you are naive. Instead, get prepared, take the role seriously, build solid systems, create in-depth training and hire only the best.

Try our Leverage Lite Starter Pack of only $79 for a 10-hour block and get your own Virtual Assistant working for you right away!



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