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Why Slowing Down Sometimes Can Help You More

Think about it…

  • The speed at which we can read a book.
  • The speed at which we can hit our goals.
  • The speed at which we can sell out an idea.
  • The speed at which we can connect with the community.

Why Slowing Down

Lots and lots of thinking, and all based around speed. Then it hit us, we’re doing very well in terms of getting stuff done. But the question is, until when? We will eventually get worn down and very tired doing all this.

So, why not slow down to achieve more?

Entrepreneurs can get caught up in a spiral of never-ending working, networking and promoting – which is why it’s important to know when to slow things down… to achieve more.

Slowing down helps you make sure that you don’t steamroll into projects, waste resources like time, which is our most valuable commodity, and money, and it can ensure that your entrepreneurial growth succeeds, above and beyond expectations.

Not only that, but when you slow down, you become more relaxed – we must switch off from time to time. Doing so is good of our health, our relationships, our business. Everything.

So, think about being more deliberate with your actions. With the projects you work on. With the time you spend doing what you do, and with whom you’re spending it with.

Thinking about what you can do, what changes you can make – to slow down to achieve more.


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Steps to Establishing a Successful Online Brand

Creating quality products isn’t enough to produce sales. There are other important factors involved. As a businessman, you have to make sure that you don’t just create a product that really benefits the target consumers, but also establish an easily recognizable, trusted brand.

The online market is a super huge, complex venue for entrepreneurs to build a business. There are numerous other new entrepreneurs out there who have promising business ideas and products to sell. To be successful, you cannot afford not to have a brand that stands out online.

The brand image you project online is crucial. To help you establish a professional and credible image, here are four easy steps that you can do:

  1. Understand Your Brand


You should understand the value of your brand and how it will affect your customers. The way you present yourself as the owner  of your products and services tells a lot about your brand. The stronger the brand is, the better positioned your business will be in a crowded market.

  1. Communicate with your consumers

While it’s great to work with large companies, emerging entrepreneurs find it more rewarding and income generating to do business with people. People-to-people (P2P) schemes are seen more emphatic with the target consumers’ needs than any other marketing technique.

This is why it’s very important to communicate and connect with current and potential customers. Being active on social networking sites may help you out in discovering new online social circles.

Shed off that elite CEO image. Put on the social media hard hat and really reach out to your target market.

Since managing social media accounts and maintaining online presence take too much time from entrepreneurs, it is best for you to hire a social media virtual assistant. These specialists could manage all your social media profiles and are even capable of updating and optimizing your personal blogs.

  1. Understand your market.

Know who are the people to market your services. Have a clear direction to where you’re going on your business. The best way to start a business is to know what your market really needs and make your brand a necessity to their daily living.

That way, you will be hitting two birds with one stone: you’re offering a product that solves people’s problem while being profitable. Always aim for a great customer service in each transaction you make with your consumers. One unhappy customer has the potential to destroy the reputation you’ve been working on for a long time.

It is very important that you have a highly capable team of virtual sales assistants who have the right experience in marketing your products and services. This will help you make the best decisions, generate more opportunities, do market research, and even communicate directly to customers through your email.

  1. Monitor your reputation.


If you haven’t done it, we highly recommend that you do. There are a few good reputation management tools available for free online. You can also hire a virtual assistant to track feedback from your consumers. The purpose is to fix any problem before it develops into anything serious.

Include monitoring as a task of your offshore virtual assistant. They can set up Google alert for your name, products or services, and the domain of your site. Your remote staff could also spend or set up a periodic schedule in searching social media websites for posts that mentioned your brand.

Tools like Hootsuite are also very useful in monitoring and managing your brand, helping you to update all your social networks more easily.

Final Thoughts

A tarnished online reputation is a big no-no in business. Thanks to Google or other search engines, the consumers today are savvier and more informed. A quick search online can lead them to a site that talks about your brand, which can either be good or bad.

Strengthening your online reputation is as important as creating high quality products and services. If you need help in monitoring your status as a businessman, hiring a dedicated and online personal assistant is wise decision to do. Find one from a reliable remote staffing service.

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What you should and should not delegate to a Virtual Assistant

“More hours in a day.”

If you asked the CEO of almost any company what they would wish for, they’d answer with “more time.” Why? Time is valuable, and as any busy CEO knows, it seems to get more and more scarce as the work stacks up. Employees and managers demand attention that also must be shared with board members and stakeholders. Some days, it just feels like working overtime doesn’t even make a dent in the amount of work you need to finish.

That’s where the art of delegation becomes crucial to business owners’ success. Harvard Business Review spent three years studying how workers can be more productive. The answer? Through eliminating or delegating unimportant tasks and replacing them with value-added ones.

“Our research indicated that knowledge workers spend a great deal of time — an average of 41 percent — on discretionary activities that offer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others,” the researchers noted.

However, we all know that work doesn’t just disappear into thin air and that delegating tasks is much easier said than done. Instinctively, we gravitate toward tasks that make us feel busy and important, which might not always be the most productive work.

That’s where hiring a virtual assistant can make you a 10-times-more-productive person.

Tasks for Virtual Assistant | Virtual Assistant Services

A good way to decide whether you can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant is to sit down and make a list of your most time-consuming tasks. Is it answering your email? Trying to find your files on your hard drive, Dropbox or Google Drive? Responding to all your social media mentions?

Hiring a virtual assistant to do all these tasks for you makes a huge, immediate impact in the number of tasks you are able to accomplish during the day as a business owner. And VAs aren’t just for high-level executives anymore; for many startups and small business owners, VAs offer the benefit of functioning as a full-time employee during the period of growth when your small business may not be able to afford to hire one.

Tasks you should delegate to a virtual assistant include:

  • Business email tracking and response
  • Keeping and updating your business schedule
  • Making business travel plans, including airfare, hotels, and transportation
  • Viewing and responding to all messages, likes, and follows on social media
  • Keeping your social media constant and up-to-date
  • Invoicing clients and keeping track of payment
  • Online research for new product development and keeping track of what your competition is up to
  • Content creation, distribution and management
  • Landing page and site optimization

But there are also some things you still have to do yourself.

Before you commit to hiring a Virtual Assistant, you should have a pretty good idea of what you want your virtual assistant to do. Because anything outside of a Virtual Assistant’s expertise there will be a learning curve, so patience is required.

Here are two tasks you should never ask your Virtual Assistant to do.

Manage your employees.

A virtual assistant works with you and for you; not your other employees. While a virtual assistant should not be relied upon to help you manage your company, they can help you make business decisions by researching new product demand or market expansion.

Virtual Assistant Agency

When you hire a virtual office assistant, you need to take a hard look at the specific tasks that the agency offers. If you are one of those business owners who expects their employees to go above and beyond their responsibilities, realize that the scope of those responsibilities for a virtual assistant is much more narrow.

A virtual assistant-employer relationship works best when both employee and employer understand the terms and conditions of the arrangement. By understanding what tasks you should and should not delegate to a virtual assistant, you will have a richer and fulfilling VA experience. For more information about what our virtual assistants check out our virtual assistant blog or simply contact us today.

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What are the Skills a Virtual Assistant Needs to be Effective

Here are some skills you want to look for in an assistant.

  • Good Spoken English – An accent is fine, but you need to make sure you are going to have an easy time communicating. Don’t forget that there are cultural differences that can make it difficult to communicate–even if you are speaking words clearly.
  • Good Written English — Since much of your work with a virtual assistant will be done over email, it is vital that you can communicate effectively in writing. Keep in mind that what is acceptable written English for communicating with you, may not be acceptable for writing to your coworkers or business partners.
  • Proactive – This is the most important skill you can find in a good assistant. Someone who can extrapolate what you want them to do in the future based on what you have asked them to do in the past. An assistant who can work off a to-do list can be helpful, but one that can anticipate what you need without requiring you to even think about it is incredibly valuable.
  • Quick Learner – If you need to explain how to do a new task, you don’t want to have to explain it 10 times. You need someone familiar enough with the technology or systems you use that they can quickly grasp what needs done.
  • Organized – Your assistant needs to know how to take incoming information and organize it in a useful manner. This includes creating folders to organize the work you have assigned, keeping track of multiple versions of documents, and recording any important information that they may need again in the future.
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Main Benefits of Getting a Virtual Assistant

There are some advantages to hiring a virtual assistant–someone who works from somewhere else. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Simplified taxes. With a remote assistant, it is rather easy to show the IRS that they aren’t an employee.
  • Lower prices. If you live in a very high cost area, you can hire someone from a low cost area. For example, if you live in LA, you may get a much better deal hiring someone from rural Nebraska than locally.
  • Better talent. It might be possible to find better talent than what is available or what you could afford locally. An MBA in India could cost you significantly less for better skill than what you’d pay in NYC.
  • Work hours. If you hire an assistant in a different timezone, they may be able to do a lot of work while you sleep. For example, if you send them a project at 7 in the evening, they may be able to have it completed by the time you get ready to work in the morning.
  • Different attitude. In some cases, you may find you like the attitude of a virtual assistant much better than someone you could find locally. This can be related to cultural differences, but it also can be related to how much someone is being paid relative to their living expenses.
  • Pay only for what you need. Sometimes you can structure arrangements to only use services when you need them. This can be much less expensive if you have a a very low number of tasks that can be outsourced.
  • Flexible number of workers. Some companies will give you one primary virtual assistant and add as many helpers as necessary to get your job done in time. This doesn’t work for every type of task, but if you need to do a bunch of data entry or something similar it can help you get things done very rapidly.
  • No physical space. A virtual assistant isn’t going to take up office space. You won’t have to purchase another desk or chair and most of the time you won’t need to buy another computer.
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How To Build Your Business With Virtual Assistants


Once a business plan has effectively explored the initial couple of months of his or her startup stage, the concentration commonly moves to a bigger however all the more energizing test: “How would I develop my business?”

In different ways, business growth speaks to another sort of startup stage, yet this time with various objectives, goals and issues. A business concept won’t have the monetary ability to go out on a limb at this stage and should subsequently be more key and deliberate in his or her approach. The best choice? Coordinate Virtual Assistants into the action plan to give a few points of interest.

  1. Readjust your financial plan.

The main reason individuals employ Virtual Assistants is to lessen their cost of business. Contrasted with a general or full-time representative, a Virtual Assistant costs less in light of the fact that the entrepreneur does not pay benefits.

Likewise, a Virtual Assistant, as a sole proprietor of his or claim business, covers those costs. In this way, you don’t need to allot reserves for extra Internet data transfer capacity, power and lease. It’s assessed that employing virtual associates can spare you as much as 40 percent in costs of doing business.

These reserve funds can then be re-adjusted or re-diverted to different parts of your business, for example, an advanced showcasing effort, or a move up to your working frameworks.

  1. Expand your business.

In the event that your financials demonstrate that your volume of business has been relentlessly and continually expanding, yet turnaround time for deliverables has notably backed off, it might be a great opportunity to scale up your business.

Expansion requires extra man-and lady energy to oblige the expanding volume of work. Now, the exact opposite thing you’ll need to do is to hinder your force because of poor administration or stock setbacks. In this way, you’ll be including more individuals, be that as it may, because of wide cost differentials, full-time representatives will probably be not feasible.

  • Virtual Assistant, in any case, won’t just keep your incremental costs lower yet keep your business adaptable. How?
  • Virtual Assistant don’t have set work routines; you can relegate them to movements that require more prominent consideration.
  • You invest less energy preparing on the grounds that Virtual Assistant as of now have the experience and competency level to take care of business.
  • Since Virtual Assistant are on a legally binding premise, they can be effectively ended and supplanted.

When scaling up your business, working with a Virtual Assistant is your best choice since its faculty have been chosen for their experience and surveys from past and current customers. They can undoubtedly supplant your current virtual right hand if that engagement does not yield profitable outcomes.

  1. Systemize your business.

A glaring shortcoming of most business people is their absence of hierarchical aptitude. That is not really a weakness; it’s quite recently that with such a great amount of work to do, the need to systemize or organize frequently takes a secondary lounge to more fundamental assignments. However, an assistant’s supports more prominent profitability.

Luckily, what might be your shortcoming in association is a Virtual Assistant’s quality, particularly in the event that he or she has the experience to help you locate the best structures for a framework that will sort out your business. In the event that you are not technically knowledgeable, a Virtual Assistant can set up a virtual working environment where everything from venture administration and record sharing, to time-keeping and correspondence can be refined.

A virtual work environment in short makes it simpler to delegate work, track execution and team up as often as possible with your virtual group. You can accomplish more work and limit the dangers of slip-ups and oversights.

  1. Assign unnecessary duties.

The following justifiable reason explanation behind contracting virtual colleagues is to free you, the business visionary, from unnecessary errands. These include:

  • Phone and Email Handling
  • Appointment Setting
  • CRM Updates
  • Online Marketing
  • Social media management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Calendar Management

While you presumably have what it takes to do all or a large portion of these assignments, you will not have room schedule-wise. What’s more, regardless of the possibility that you do, your accessible time is better spent on capacities that require your center competency or are specifically identified with producing incomes for your business.

  1. Profit by specialization.

Virtual Assistants are no longer constrained to individual aide “secretarial” administrations. Throughout the years, as the need to streamline costs has developed, and the Internet has expanded its essentialness in the worldwide business condition, the virtual help industry has similarly experienced a change. In particular, the industry opened its ways to more specific and specialized abilities to suit request over a wide range of administrations. You can now discover Virtual Assistants for the accompanying particular aptitudes:

  • SEO
  • Content Management
  • Blog/Article Writing
  • Transcription
  • Data Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Translation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Research

This is only a short-list including 11 as of now sought after administrations. In any case, it demonstrates the numerous potential outcomes for building a group of virtual collaborators to cover distinctive territories of your business.

  1. Build your Virtual Assistant’s trust.

A typical misinterpretation of individuals not acquainted with Virtual Assistant is that these are only “employed firearms”: Once they have finished the task, they will abandon you for the following one. However, that is a long way from reality. Remember, for example, that Virtual Assistant possess their own organizations. Like you, they too need to develop their endeavor.Therefore it’s to their greatest advantage to reliably perform well beyond desires with a specific end goal to keep up your record.

Shared intrigue squares with a key association. When working with your Virtual Assistant, bring him or her inside your procedure. Inculcate your associate in your way of life, open up the virtual floor and permit him or her the chance to share thoughts. Joint effort is an effective instrument that will take your business to the following level. At the point when both sides are roused to accomplish a shared objective, astounding outcomes may happen.

A Virtual Assistant, then, is not only a man contracted to finish a venture from a remote area utilizing the Internet. Appropriately used, a virtual collaborator can turn into your “mystery weapon” in building your business, by being one side of your twofold edged sword. A Virtual Assistant is an advantage ensured to bring down your business costs essentially without trading off your profitability. Truth be told, your aide will expand efficiency exponentially.

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How to Make Virtual Assistants Work for Your Team

We all heard about them on the internet – Virtual Assistants. Some say you can’t live with them, you can’t without them. Literally speaking, that is the case as you can’t physically be with them anyway specially if you’re not much of a world traveler; and on the other part, living without them? Yes, you can’t… that is, if you know how to make them work in your business model.

Diversity is key.

Since most Virtual Assistants can come from underdeveloped countries, one can expect a variety of culture differences and some surprising similarities. These differences in culture, opinion, mindset all contribute to a complex mixture of opportunities and ideas that can be used to your advantage.

There’s no magic formula to make this work.

Busy people need some assistance with their day to day routine. Someone needs to be a side kick. Not everyone can be the star. The bottom line is that you need someone to fill in the gaps. Someone who can give you two or eight hours a day of extra time. Someone whose assistance will turn your plans into reality.

Finding the perfect match.

Virtual Assistant companies will promise you the perfect VA for your business. It’s a good promise, but it’s just that – it remains a promise. Nobody knows right off the bat that someone out there is the perfect match to your business. Matching a VA to your business takes time. Like an engine that needs to heat up before you can notice how well it runs – Virtual Assistants need some adjustment period – may be different per VA – but they need time.

The beauty of our Virtual Assistant services is that we can skip the waiting game and provide a wide array of general virtual assistant services on the fly. We can do this by hiring university-educated, experienced employees who can fill key positions and satisfy specialist needs in your business.




Why Do We Need a Business Plan?

Everybody needs to start from something – whether you are aiming to get funding or just wanting to lay out the foundations of your venture – you will need a well-planned course of action. Here’s an interesting infographic of why you need one.


Ready to start building your way to the top with your well-crafted business plan?  Remember that it is much easier to get things done with the right help! Find out how you can take advantage of our Virtual Assistant Starter Pack of only $79 for 10 hours!



Keeping It Simple with a Virtual Assistant


Busy people run the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small office or an already thriving venture – you are most likely going to be busy all day. Ask someone how their day is and you can almost expect an instant “I’m busy”, or “Just keeping it busy” response.

Being busy is good, as it means you are being productive as long as you’re doing right with the time you have, and if you are delegating the rest of the stuff to the right people.

Here at Leverage Lite, we understand how it feels when you get lost into the fray, overloaded with work, and deal with the same issues each day. We’ve been there, trust us.

We’re just fortunate enough to have a Virtual Assistant whom we can trust to handle the extra work load, for a great bargain. It’s the core set up that helped us ‘oil the machine’ and free up more of our valuable time so we can enjoy life.

Here’s our advice: just keep it simple.

Get simple systems. Hire someone affordable yet effective to handle it. Reap the benefits.

Use simple systems or tools that support your products or services well and don’t lose time to complications, or to manually doing tasks yourselves.

It’s time to leverage your time and maximize your profits. Get a Virtual Assistant.



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How Crucial is Branding to Your Business and How a Virtual Assistant Can Help



People often ask us what we think of branding and we always give one straight answer – it’s EVERYTHING! The common misconception is that branding only refers to the way you project your online exposure such as the way your logo looks, your chosen color schemes, your fonts, your site layouts etc. While those things are vital to how your business would be perceived, these are not the only things that define a successful business branding.

So what separates an effective branding strategy from a so-so one that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

Social media experts may have tons of answer to this but it really boils down to this simple equation: Branding + Consistency = Memory.

An effective branding that is built consistently on all your sites, social media platforms, landing pages etc ensures that your target audience will have a good, lasting impression of what your business is about.

Consistency, however, does not mean you are only contained to use the same color combinations and same font each time. One common mistake on branding strategy is being unable to keep up with the trends which result in your branding to look out of date. Consistency goes beyond the visual elements. Your prose, language style and approach also need to be in unison. How you connect and interact with your audience is always more important.

Branding is said to be one, if not the most important marketing aspect of your business. Thus, it requires much attention and time. Editing even the most basic image to suit your visual branding could take minutes, not taking into account writing the content to your blog and building the page altogether.

This is where a Virtual Assistant can spell the difference between making branding work for you or not. Our VAs have what you don’t have – TIME! Contact us today if you need some help with your branding!